2007-2008 Schedule


Greg Campbell - Son of a Bookbinder

6:30 p.m. - Thursday, September 20

Greg Campbell will offer a few words on his book Son of a Bookbinder. "The fascinating story of edition binding in America seen through the eyes of the son and eventual owner of Allan Campbell's bookbinding business. Greg describes how the library binding and edition binding business has changed over the last 50 years.... The book ends with a description of the fancy cloth import business that regularly has supplied the cloth for private press printers in America." - Oak Knoll Pres


Michael Dennis Browne & Chip Schilling - Panthers

3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.- Saturday, October 27
Program starts at 4:30

Ampersand Club members and guests are invited to a reading of poetry by Michael Dennis Browne from his new book, Panthers, published by Indulgence Press.

Chip Schilling will talk about the design and production of this book. This event will take place at Chip's new studio in Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art


Ampersand Holiday Party

7:00 p.m. - Saturday, January 19

See Printed Invitation for Location & Directions

Other than the annual dinner this is often the most well attended Ampersand event of the season. If you have not been to an event for a while this would be your chance to see some familiar faces, as well as those that spark a dim recollection from last year's holiday party or annual dinner.


An Evening of Books with Jody Williams

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, March 20

  • MCBA
  • 1011 Washington Ave. S.
  • Minneapolis, MN

Jody Williams is the inaugural recipient of the 2008 Minnesota Book Artist Award. A new honor co-sponsored by MCBA and The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library, presented as part of the annual Minnesota Book Awards


Peter Hautman — On the Arts of Writing, Poker and Fine Printing

7:00 p.m. - Wednesday, April 9

  • Open Book
  • Room 303
  • 1011 Washington Ave. S.
  • Minneapolis, MN

Peter Hautman, award-winning writer of crime novels for adults and young readers, published Bad Beat in a fine press edition by friend and fellow poker player Gaylord Schanilec in 1998. The book includes Joe Crow's Rules for Poker and Life..

Co-Sponsored by The Ampersand Club and Minnesota Center for Book Arts