2008-2009 Schedule


Patrick Coleman - Printing and the Mind of Minnesota

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, September 23

Patrick Coleman, MHS acquisitions librarian, will discuss printing and the mind of Minnesota, the 150 best Minnesota books.


What is a Ludlow?

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, October 23

The Ludlow Typograph is an all-but forgotten, and somewhat peculiar, hybrid hot-metal typesetting system. It combines hand and machine: a cousin of the California job case and the Linotype. For decades the Ludlow was used to set news headlines, grocery ads, & all manner of job work.

&er Will Powers, one of the last Ludlow masters, will talk about how this gizmo shaped his career and demonstrate its operation.


Bird watching at the Walker Art Center

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, November 20

  • Walker Art Center
  • 500 Vineland Place
  • Bazinet Lobby Entrance
  • (across from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden)
  • Minneapolis

Paula McCartney, a Minneapolis based book artist, whose work incorporates staged photographs (fake birds in real landscapes) will present a discussion of her book, Bird Watching, and its subsequent expansion into a trade edition for Princeton Architectural Press


Ampersand Holiday Party

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, December 11

See Printed Invitation for Location & Directions

Other than the annual dinner this is often the most well attended Ampersand event of the season. If you have not been to an event for a while this would be your chance to see some familiar faces, as well as those that spark a dim recollection from last years holiday party or annual dinner.


Ampersand Auction

Time & Date to be determined

See Printed Invitation for Location & Directions

This event will be an auction to raise money for the Ampersand Club. Materials have been donated by Ampersand Club members and the catalog of items will serve as the printed invitation.


Kent Petterson — The Evolution of a Bookseller: Into the 21st Century

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, February 19

"Terrace Horticultural Books, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is one of the largest North American sellers of used and rare garden related books." - AbeBooks profile   (full interview)

"Terrace Horticultural Books began in 1991 as an outgrowth of our interest in gardening and the books we had collected to inform our garden work. It was really quite simple. Get a tax number, print business cards and select books for removal from my personal collection." - Terrace Horticultural Books.

"I have nearly finished A Year at North Hill by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd, Little, Brown and Co. 1995. An amazing book from two amazing gardeners. Lush with it's plants and it's words. Written in a style that has been used since the 'beginning' of gardening books - this calendar book takes you through a year in their Vermont garden." - Kent Petterson


Peter & Donna Thomas

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, March 12

"Since 1976 Peter & Donna Thomas have worked collaboratively and individually, making paper, letterpress printing and book binding, to create books. Under the previous imprint of The Good Book Press, and the current imprint, Peter and Donna Thomas: Santa Cruz, their books have been shown in individual and group exhibitions in the USA and abroad, and have been purchased for collections around the world." - About the Artists

"One day I thought to myself, 'I love to make books and I love to play the ukulele. Can I put these two loves together? Can I make a book out of a uke?'" - Ukulele Books

"An initial mild fascination about papermaking in the Philippines became somewhat of an obsession. Discovering that there simply was no book or history about the subject, Peter Thomas decided to write it himself. The result, after years of labor and research, much of it on site, is a book that is both learned and elegant." - Fine Books Magazine


Minneapolis College of Art & Design's
Print Making Studio

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, April 23rd

Diana Eicher, the Printmaking & Paper Studio Coordinator, will be providing a hands-on opportunity for the Ampersand Club. Along with a brief history of MCAD's printmaking and paper studios Diana will arrange to have rubber stamps and screen printing set-ups on hand. The Ampersand Club members will be encouraged to embellish their own invitations or to decorate some that will be made available.


Annual Dinner Meeting
with speaker Ken Storm, Jr.

6:00 p.m. - Wednesday, May 13th

See Printed Invitation for Location & Directions

This year the annual dinner will feature a lecture by collector & explorer Ken Storm, Jr. who reached the legendary great falls on Tibet's Tsangpo River.

The annual dinner his is often the most well attended Ampersand event of the season next to the holiday party. If you have not been to an event for a while this would be your chance to see some familiar faces, as well as those that spark a dim recollection from last years annual dinner or holiday party.