2010-2011 Schedule


Cover Story: Master Bookbinding from the Collections at Minneapolis Institute of Arts

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, September 30

Curated by Dennis Michael Jon "This exhibition explores the fine art of modern and contemporary bookbinding. Drawn entirely from the MIA's exceptional collection of custom, specialty, and artist-made bookbindings..."- Michael Hancher


Greg Campbell: Books on Books

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, October 21

Greg Campbell provides the Ampersand Club access to his knowledge and his collection of book on books.

Located at the always charming Campbell-Logan Bindery, Greg Campbell will speak with first hand knowledge about his collection, its origins, and, invariably, provide some behind the scenes anecdotes sure to surprise and inspire.


The Ricci Map, presented by Marguerite Ragnow

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, November 4

Presented by Marguerite Ragnow, Curator of the James Ford Bell Library. "Matteo Ricci's monumental world map of 1602 has been as elusive as it is legendary, with only six complete copies of the woodblock print known to exist. Popularly called "The Impossible Black Tulip," Kunyu wanguo quantu, or Map of the Ten Thousand Countries of the World,.... This map, which was created by a visiting Italian-born Jesuit priest, Matteo Ricci, is the oldest surviving Chinese map to show the Americas." - MIA


Books on Demand presented by Don Leeper

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, December 2

Join us for a presentation by owner Don Leeper. "Founded in 1982 as a book design and production service, BookMobile expanded into a full range of services for publishers. BookMobile is a pioneer in Print On Demand, having launched digital book printing in December 1996. Superior quality, excellent customer service, flexibility and timely turnarounds have attracted to BookMobile nearly 1,000 satisfied customers including trade houses, university presses, and independent publishers." - BookMobile


Ampersand Holiday Party

Time & Date: TDB

See Printed Invitation for Location & Directions

Other than the annual dinner this is often the most well attended Ampersand event of the season. If you have not been to an event for a while this would be your chance to see some familiar faces, as well as those that spark a dim recollection from last years holiday party or annual dinner.


A visit with Allan Kornblum at Coffee House Press

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, February 24

  • Coffee House Press
  • 79 13th Ave. NE - Suite 110
  • Minneapolis

"Started with a mimeograph magazine back in 1970" Alan Kornblum Senior Editor and Founder of Coffee House Press will speak about the history of Coffee House Press and its predecessor Toothpaste Press.

"Founded by Allan Kornblum, Coffee House Press has grown from a poetry magazine and letterpress to one of the premier nonprofit literary publishers in the nation." - Coffee House Press


Parts of a Whole: New Work by MCBA's Artist Community

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, March 17

  • MCBA
  • Star Tribune Foundation Gallery
  • 1011 Washington Ave. S.
  • Minneapolis

MCBA presents an exhibition of new work by members of our "artist community".... These talented artists demonstrate their innovative approaches, creative skills and diversity of styles in Parts of a Whole. A variety of artists' books, broadsides, prints and other bookish artistic endeavours will be on view from this vibrant and eclectic group." - MCBA

Some of the artists in attendence for this meeting will be: Paulette Myers-Rich, Jana Pullman, Jeff Rathermel, Regula Russelle, Dennis Ruud, & Wilber H. "Chip" Schilling


An Introduction to the American Swedish Institute's Collection

7:00 p.m. - Thursday, April 6

Ampersand Club President Peggy Korsmo-Kennon, as Chief Operating Officer, provides us entrée to ASI, housed in the Turnblad Mansion, before its monumental renovation.

Staff from the American Swedish Institute will be on hand to present and enable discussion of some of the volumes hidden away at the ASI library which "holds a rich store of collections, from books and pamphlets to porcelain and prints"


Annual Dinner

Time & Date: TBD

See Printed Invitation for Location & Directions

This year's speaker will be Jody Williams speaking about miniature books, highlighting both her work and that of others.

Phil Gallo of Hermetic Press has printed & bound an 80th anniversary keepsake, appropriately in miniature form, "Our Work and Why We Do It" by Donald Barthelme.