Emmerson G. Wulling

75 Years a Printer

How do you spark a young person's interest? You don't. Chance does. The best you can do is to introduce the person to things which that person would never think of alone.

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In 1915 my great aunts gave my father Emerson Wulling, then twelve years old, a printing press as a Christmas present. It was neither hot type nor cold type, but rather rubber type. Rubber letters were set in channels on a cylinder that rotated over paper pulled from a roll. This press had the essential elements needed for printing: it required as a starting point a thought needing expression; it involved figuring layout, setting type, proofreading, and repetitive reproduction; and it necessitated living with the result, deficiencies and all.

The best synopsis of his seventy-five years of printing occurs in his note at the beginning if each publication in his series of Press Preterite - lists of 'readable' items which he has printed. I quote from these notes in the pirating spirit he mentions later in Press Preterite VI.   - Thomas E. Wulling