On Book Collecting

Dedicated to the memory of J. Harold Kittleson
Kjelsberg editions

Conceived and printed in honor of our 75th anniversary the Ampersand Club published On Book Collecting. A book by Arne Kjelsberg, a home-bound collector and lover of books, from a recently discovered trove of newspaper columns as they appeared in the Princeton-Union Eagle on various aspects of books and book collecting with a Postscript by The Honorable Elmer L. Anderson & an Afterward by Robert Rulon-Miller.

This edition was printed by Gaylord Schanilec at Midnight Paper Sales and bound by Campbell-Logan Bindery, in an edition of 626 copies, 26 of which were designated 'special,' lettered A-Z, in a quarter-leather binding and slipcase, and with an extra insert; 100 of which were designated 'limited,' in a full cloth binding with a leather label and slipcase; and 500 of which were designated 'trade,' made available in a full cloth binding with a paper label or as unbound sheets.

Both the 'special' and 'limited' editions were signed by the principals.

  • Kjelsberg editions


  • Kjelsberg editions


  • Kjelsberg editions


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